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Purpose and Content. This site is a compendium of Web-based professional continuing education resources, including LISTS, for managers and licensed caregivers in the field of skilled nursing and post acute care. Visitors to this site are enjoying what began as my doctoral dissertation project.

Continuing Education is often required for license renewal, and as a self-directed activity ensures that health care professionals stay current with changing demands of professional practice. This site offers a growing collection of Web-based courses given by many educational sources and providers, as well as an evaluation of the course or offering. This site is useful for administrators, managers, nurses, and therapists including occupational, physical, speech, and respiratory care clinicians, and will include offerings for other professional caregivers as more Web-based courses become available.

Note to Educators. This site has been used in many college level courses by both instructors and students as a resource on topics of health care applications, evaluating information on the Internet, and development of curriculum for the virtual classroom. Dr. Mueller continues to publish on the topic of curriculum design for distance education, and this site serves to provide public access to some of her recent papers and presentations.

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